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Have you always wanted to give this awesome watersport a try in a safe environment or have you already had your first experiences kitesurfing and want to get to the next level? 

Beginners and advanced stundents are equally welcome! 

Kite Lessons

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In the course of the camp we offer you the possibility to try out stand up paddling (SUP). SUP not only trains your balance very effectively, it is  also a great endurance sport.


You can easily learn how to SUP, only things you need are a board and a paddle. It might look a bit easier than it is in the beginning, but with our help and a little exercise you will be able to keep your balance and explore the Kalpitiya lagoon. 


Start your day with an energizing Yoga session, or brace your inner balance and watch the sunset in your favorite warrior position. We will help you with that.


Yoga will improve your allover body strength, flexibilty and you will feel more balanced. This is the perfect preparation for your next kite session. 


Those are some of the many activities you can choose from in Kalpitiya:


  • stand up paddling (SUP)
  • yoga
  • outdoor gym
  • scuba diving
  • beach volleyball
  • trampoline
  • ping pong
  • dolphin watching
  • guided temple tours
  • free of charge usage of many music instruments¬†
  • cosy reading area with beanbags and hammocks
  • windsurfing
  • local street markets

Consistent winds* from one direction, flat and cosy warm water as well as fairly enough space for launching and landing maneuvers make this spot at this time of year the ideal training location for kitesurfers of all levels. 

These ideal conditions facilitate a safe start as well as quick progress in your training. 


For all those, who seek diversion or the next challenge, the Indian Ocean adjacent to the lagoon offers the possibility to kite in the open sea. 


The rescue boat on site ensures carefree exercise for those who choose to train by them selves after the camp lessons. We will happily provide you with the needed equipment. 


We exclusively work with certified German and English speaking kitesurf instructors. Moreover, we only teach on the most recent equipment.


In the course of the camp we will provide you with the brand new kites and boards of Cabrinha Kitesurfing from 2018. 


Our lessons on the water are always private, meaning only one instructor, one student at a time. Hereby, we can guarantee the greatest progress for your training.

The Spot

The beautiful flat water lagoon of Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka is perfect in order to progress your kitesurfing abilities. 


You will receive full board at the lodging's own restaurant served as a lovingly garnished buffet. 


Thereby, you will be able to choose between fresh tropical fruit, fresh regional fish and seafood as well als various international dishes -  there will be something for every taste. 


Drinking water, tea and coffee are free of charge and available to you 24/7. 

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The accommodation is within walking distance of the Kalpitiya lagoon. Located in the middle of a natural palm tree garden, the ressort welcomes you to relax in one of its cosy rooms or hammocks at the pool. 

Other facilities such as ping pong, a trampoline and a beach volley ball court will round out your holiday.

The rooms are all built by European Standards and are kept with local identity. Each room is equipped with a large double bed (180x200) with mosquito net, air conditioning, table and cupboard, an ensuite bathroom with European shower and toilet, as well as a terrace with a comfortable seating corner.

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Camp Dates & booking

 What's included?


  • kitesurf course beginner/advanced* ¬†incl. all the required equipment (kites, bar, board, harness etc) as well as video teaching - all lessons on the water are private (one instructor, one student)!¬†
  • 7 nights in double room** with ensuite bathroom,¬†air condition and¬†private terrace
  • full board (buffet) incl. water/coffee/tea 24/7¬†
  • WIFI free of charge
  • 2x yoga or stretching session
  • guided SUP-tour across the lagoon
  • goodie bag from Cabrinha Kites
  • kite lycra
  • generous outdoor¬†pool
  • beach volleyball
  • ping pong
  • trampoline
  • big chill out terrace¬†
  • reading area with hammocks
  • music instruments at your disposal





Stay tuned for our upcoming camps!




In case you wish to arrive in advance of the camp or want to stay longer afterwards - no problem! Just give us a heads up when booking and we will gladly organize your lodging. 



+43 677 625 712 05

Seven Seas Riders




booking requests

For any further questions just shoot us an email  - we are happy to help you! 


Seven Seas Riders is a young brand that aims to introduce kitesurfing as a sport and lifestyle to sports and nature enthusiastic people as well as those who are striving to become such.

On all kitesurfing camps, testivals or similiar local as well as international events our love to kitesurfing and practising sports in great outdoors is always our main focus. 

Seven Seas Riders has been launched and established by Resl, long time kitesurf instructor and passionate traveller: 

"Kitesurfing for me is a lot more than just a sport. Kitesurfing is adventure, training and unwinding at the same time - so to say like a power yoga session together with meditation. I especially enjoy the feeling to work with nature's forces wind and water. Sensing their power at every session I feel like being a part of something bigger than myself."  


The desire to share our passion for this amazingly versatile sport led to the foundation of  Seven Seas Riders in 2017.

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How athletic do I have to be in order to be able to participate in kitesurfing lessons with you?
Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a top athlete to come to our camp. A basic level of fitness will not be of harm. You should also have sufficient swimming abilities and not be afraid of water. 
Do I need to be able to windsurf?

No. Kitesurfing is fundamentally different to windsurfing. You don’t need any precognitions, we will teach you everything necessary in our beginner courses. 


Is kitesurfing dangerous?

Generally speaking, kitesurfing qualifies as an extreme sport, not only because it is extreme fun, but also because one is thereby exposed to the natural forces wind and water. At the same time, a lot depends on yourself and the equipment you use.  
Honestly, in its beginnings kitesurfing used to be quite dangerous. There were practically no safety appliances or depower measures. Therefore, the kite’s tractive forces were transferred practically one-to-one onto the kitesurfer with no possibility to quickly disconnect oneself when needed. That is why the material did not forgive even the slightest mistake. 
However, the technical progress within the kitesurf industry brought lots of useful novelties regarding the material construction that nowadays ensure great safety and comfort especially for beginners. 
Most importantly, there are a few safety aspects to consider that we will emphasize in our beginner classes. Furthermore, we provide the most recent kitesurf equpiment that meets all current safety standards. These prerequisites enable your safe and comfortable practice on and off the water. 


How long does it take to learn to kitesurf? 
This is highly dependent from your physical condition as well as the respective weather conditions.
Stable and consistent wind and water conditions enable progress at a very early stage. 
Generally, after a couple of lessons on the water most people are able to practice by themselves on the water with a kite and eventually already a board. The consistent winds and the flat water of the Kalpitiya lagoon hereby offer great training conditions. 
As always, only practice makes perfect, we will help you achieve your goals!  
How long is a lesson on the water and what is included? 
Within the course of a lesson on the water you will at first inflate a kite, prepare all the required equipment with the help and supervision of your instructor. After discussing the all the necessary safety measures you will be ready to hit the water! 
A lessons usually includes one net hour on the water with your instructor, together with equipment check and briefing you can expect an average 1,5-2 hours per lesson. 
Do I need to bring my own equipment?
No, there is no need to bring your own stuff in order to participate at our course. We will provide you with all the necessary items such as kites in different sizes, board, bar, harness, lycra etc. 
Ideally, you bring with you: 
Sufficient sun protection (sun screen, hat etc), bathing suit (board shorts might prove quite comfortable in addition to a bikini) and sun glasses with a leash (otherwise you will lose them on the water). 
If you have very sensitive feet we recommend bringing neoprene oder bathing shoes. 
For any further questions just shoot us an email to  info(a) or simply use our contact form - we are happy to help you!